Making Sense of Modes

Finally Unlock the Power of Modes

Start learning how to understand modes and how to actually use them in your own playing!

How often have you heard people talk about modes? Maybe they come up in your lessons, or in music theory classes? Have you ever wanted to know why and how they're actually useful?

Our Making Sense of Modes course on the Cornell Music Academy was designed specifically for people who want to finally understand and more importantly, USE modes. All at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home and without breaking the bank.

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Detailed Instruction

Countless instructional videos with downloadable PDF documents showing you EVERYTHING you need to know to understand what Modes are and how to find them in any key.

TONS of Exercises

A series of step-by-step exercises with illustrated lines and phrases for EVERY mode. All performed at various speeds so you can play along at your own pace and learn to apply them on your own!

Backing Tracks!

A collection of unique and exciting backing tracks for each mode that you can use to practice the exercises or improvise your own lines! Create your own tunes to share with friends and family.

Start Your Journey Today.

Understanding how to work towards your musical goals has never been easier.

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What does purchasing this course get me?

Purchasing the Making Sense of Modes course gets you access to the course FOR LIFE. It's a one-time purchase that will ensure you have access to the material for as long as need it. Also, you'll have access to any new additions or updates to the course over time. You ALWAYS have the most up-to-date and value-packed version available. In addition to the course, you'll receive a secret code to access the private members-only channels in the Charles Cornell Discord server. That's where you'll get access to an exclusive community of fellow students, who you'll be able to connect with and share progress and questions with!

How is this different from other piano courses?

One of the ways Charles has been able to build a YouTube channel with over 1M subscribers is by having a unique ability to explain complicated concepts in an extremely clear and easy-to-understand manner. While other courses simply feature an instructor talking to the camera, this course is packed full of detailed graphic animations and supplemental resources to make sure you'll be up to speed at every step of the way.

How much practice will I need to put in?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much practice is enough. The best amount of time to practice is any amount of time when you're actually doing it. For some people, that might be 10 minutes per day. For others, it might be 2 hours. With this course, you can go as fast or as slow as you like, and you can replay any of the videos in the course as many times as you like. You get to set your own pace and take as long as you need to work through it.

What kind of piano do I need?

One that works! An acoustic piano will work great and so will a digital keyboard. It doesn't matter how expensive it is, how many keys it has, or how many features it has. If it has some keys and makes a sound, you can probably use it! Now of course, a better quality instrument can help make some things easier. But especially at the beginning, the important thing is that you get playing at all. You can worry about the fine details later.

Do I need prior experience in order to take this course?

Modes are a slightly more advanced topic than basic introductory music theory. This course is for you if you are a musician who already has a background in basic music theory and are looking to take your skills to the next level. By learning the basics of APPLYING modes in your own playing, you'll gain the necessary skills to include more musical vocabulary in your improvisation and/or composition. However, don't let this deter you if you don't feel you're quite there yet! Our other courses like our Intro to Piano course will help get you on the right track to building the skills needed to tackle more advanced concepts!

Pricing Options

We understand that it's not always practical to spend $100+ on a product at once, even if it is far more cost effective than other avenues of learning.

That's why we also offer a payment plan to break up the cost into 4 months of equal payments! Furthermore, you won't pay an extra "convenience fee" for doing so. The total is the same!

One-Time Payment

  • Everything you need to know to get started playing anything you want on the piano!

4-Payment Plan

  • An easier way to pay. Charged once per month for 4 months.
    4 payments of $25.99

Meet Charles.

Before building a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers, Charles made a living as a jazz pianist playing gigs and teaching students. With both formal jazz and classical education, he has helped thousands of aspiring musicians take the next steps in their musical journeys. With such an extensive background and knowledge base in applied theory and improvisation, Charles has been able to help students of all levels improve their skills. From complete beginners looking to start learning the piano, to advanced professionals looking to improve their theory knowledge and improvisational vocabulary on their instrument.

Break the barrier. Get started now.

If you were looking for a sign that now's the time to finally start your musical journey, this is it.

"Charles isn’t just a gifted musician; he’s an uncommonly talented teacher as well. As a self-taught musician who never learned to read music or understand theory, I spent over a decade with huge gaps in my musical knowledge that prevented me from playing what I wanted to play. When Charles sat down with me, he was able to explain in 30 minutes what I’d struggled and failed to grasp poring through music theory books, videos, and discussion threads on my own. If you want to learn piano quickly, he’s your guy."

- Thomas Frank - YouTube

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